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Here are our products for students from approximately 12 years and up

BRIGHT Atom                                 Art. No. 101-1


  • Box with lid; 4 electron orbitals on the
    lid and 4 at the underside of the box
  • 30 protons, 30 neutrons, 30 electrons
  • Instruction sheet
  • Smart storing of subatomic particles inside the box
  • The models can easily be stacked for storing

The award-winning BRIGHT Atom makes science easier and more comprehensible.

The unique model, based on Bohr’s atomic model, let every student

make their own atoms, isotopes and ions by using their hands.

The hands-on experience gives the students

a natural comprehension of our smallest

building blocks; learning the intuitive and

self-evident way.

BRIGHT Teacher Atom                 Art. No. 103-1

The BRIGHT Teacher Atom

  • 2 atomic nuclei
  • 8 electron shells; 4 to each nucleus
  • 20 protons, 20 neutrons, 20 electrons
  • Storing board
  • Instruction sheet

BRIGHT Teacher Atom is the perfect demonstration tool for your science classroom whiteboard or blackboard.

The unique, magnetic model lets the teacher present the abstract concepts of atomic structure, isotopes and

ions to the class, in an easy and concrete way.

All parts of this product, except for the

storing board, are magnetic and  separated

from each other; use only the parts needed

for each situation.

Use the BRIGHT Teacher Atom in

chemistry, physics and biology classes.

BRIGHT Teacher Molecule        Art. No. 104-1

The BRIGHT Teacher Molecule

  • 20 each of black, red and white atoms

          (representing e.g. Carbon, Oxygen and                   Hydrogen)

  • 10 each of the blue, green and yellow circles (representing e.g. Nitrogen, Chloride and Sulphur)
  • 50 bindings
  • Instruction sheet
  • Smart storing in the box

The BRIGHT Teacher Molecule is the demonstration tool that lets the teacher present

molecules and chemical bonding to the class in an easy and concrete way.

The model can be used with or without bindings and can show a wide variety of molecules. All BRIGHT Teacher Molecule parts are magnetic

and can be used directly on the classroom

whiteboard or blackboard.

Use the models in chemistry, physics and

in biology classes.

The BRIGHT Science Kit is one of our top sellers.

It's the complete set for teaching atomic structure, isotopes and ions.

BRIGHT Teacher Atom is a tool for the teacher. The BRIGHT Atom is a tool for the student. Together, they are a kit for the

science classroom. Also available with inverted

colors. Use the BRIGHT Science Kit in chemistry,

physics and biology classes.

   BRIGHT Science Kit                  Art. No. 102-1, 102-2

              The BRIGHT Science Kit

  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Atom
  • 8 pcs BRIGHT Atom
  • Lesson plan/working sheets
  • Instruction sheet

   BRIGHT Teacher Kit                   Art. No. 104-2

              The BRIGHT Teacher Kit

  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Atom
  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Molecule
  • Instruction sheet

The BRIGHT Teacher Kit is the science teacher's choice.

All you need to present the abstract concepts of atomic structure,

present molecules and chemical bonding to the class, all in one kit.

The BRIGHT Teacher Atom assists you in presenting the atomic structure, isotopes and ions, and the BRIGHT Teacher Molecule is the perfect tool to present a wide variety of

molecules and chemical bondings, and

chemical reactions in chemistry, physics

and biology classes.

Ideal for whole-class teaching.

   BRIGHT Classroom Kit            Art. No. 104-4

               The BRIGHT Classroom Kit

  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Atom
  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Molecule
  • 12 pcs BRIGHT Atom
  • Instruction sheet

With the two teacher demonstration models along with the hands-on student models, the BRIGHT Classroom Kit is the complete set for the school’s science classrooms. All the way from atomic structure to chemical reactions, easy and clear. For

chemistry, physics and biology classes.

   Geometry Strategy                   Art. No. 108-1

               The Geometry Strategy game

    • Strategic game for 2 to 4 players
      or teams
    • 1 game board
    • 4 sets of 10 pieces
    • 4 Challenge Ranking Lists
    • 15 Red Zone cards
    • Instructions in English, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish

Classic board game, but with a Red Zone.

Strategic game where your Sphere wins the game, if you can keep it safe... In this game you need multiple strategies as the conditions keep changing.Your pieces are your soldiers on the board; to attack your opponents and to support your own.

First player to place their Sphere on  bulls-eye

is the winner!

From the age 12 and up. Practice strategic and

math skills, concentration and probability.

   EXEO DUO                                   Art. No. 110-1

The EXEO DUO game

  • Hardcore strategy game for 2 players
    or teams
  • 1 game board
  • 2 sets of 8 playing pieces
  • Instructions in English, French,
    German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish

The hardcore, two-player battle of minds.

Not only do you have to maneuver your own geometrical shaped pieces tactically, and keep at least one eye on your opponent's pieces; you also have to do all this on two sides. Simultaneously.

Its unique gameplay and hardcore strategy
require planning, flexibility, strategy, tactics;
it feed your students' brains.

You aim to get your pieces out and keep your

opponent in. First player to exit their 4 pairs
is the winner.

From 12 years and up.

    BRIGHT Science Quiz Biology edition       Art. No. 107-1

The BRIGHT Science Quiz Biology edition

  • 1 game board with spinning arrow
  • 200 question review cards; 600 questions
  • 1 divider for the cards
  • 10 pawns
  • 1 CD for classroom interactive whiteboards
  • Instruction folder

BRIGHT Science Quiz® Biology edition is the fun and competitive way to increase comprehension of today’s high school science standards.

It’s the smart, easy and appreciated way to review what the students learn in the classroom. The 600 biology questions are written by a

science teacher with 30 years experience of

classroom teaching. 

The 10 color coded categories make it easy to

select specific topics for review. The format of

the questions: I, II, and III where III is the hardest,

allow for more diversity in performance

assessment. It’s easy to use, minimal setup

and it’s designed for high schools.

   Mayor of Evercent Springs     Art. No. 113-1

The Mayor of Evercent Springs

  • 1 Game board
  • 4 Candidates
  • 28 Companions
  • 4 Council's Lists
  • 1 Price list
  • 50 Golden coins
  • 16 Hole tiles
  • 4 Have tiles
  • 28 Key cards
  • 12 Council's cards
  • 3 Golden Council's cards
  • 20 Pub cards
  • Instruction folder

Mayor of Evercent Springs™ is the dynamic strategy game

where tactics, luck and bribes are some of the tools to win.

After the people in Five Town County revolted against the Council, one Candidate from each of the four towns are,

along with their Companions, competing to

reach the door to the closed town of Evercent

Springs. It will be a tortuous road, and to stay

in the competition, you need to keep your

silver key safe. You will not only meet

opponents, but also corruption, Pubs, traps

and a Council doing what they can to put

obstacles in the contestants’ paths.

This is the stragegy game where you practice

strategy and math skills, concentration and

probability. From 12 years up!

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