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Hope the summer has been great and you're ready to school again! 
Remeber to stay safe, be curious, and be kind to one another.

BRIGHT summer

We  wish you a nice, relaxing and great summer!
Stay curious, and stay safe. See you in the fall!

BRIGHT and the coronavirus

We have taken carefully considered steps to ensure all products leaving our warehouse are safe. We make sure to protect the health and well-being of our employees, our customers and suppliers. 

We also beg and encourage you ALL to make good choices and stay safe.

Sigma, Pi and the planets wins a Mom's Choice Award in 2020!

Our book Sigma, Pi and the planets just won a Mom's Choice Silver Award! Such a wonderful thing; our book is ranked among the best educational products with this beautiful award.

Learn more about the award HERE

New bundle: Sigma's PlanetPack

Read about the adventure in the book Sigma, Pi and the planets, and then play the Pi and the planets game! Our wonderful space bundle is called Sigma's PlanetPack. It's from 4 years and up.

Learn more about the bundle HERE

Sigma Pi and the planets; the BOOK is here!

Sigma, Pi and the planets is our book where you can read about Sigma and Pi's adventures in space! It's a marvellous story and as you read it, you learn fun facts about the planets and our solar system! An exciting adventure from 4 years and up. 

Learn more about our book HERE

Pi and the planets! Our space game where you play and learn

Pi and the planets is our new game that takes place in space! Space Croc has made a mess in our solar system, you must help Sigma and his friend Pi getting the planets back to their orbits! A fun educational game from 4 years. Learn more about our game HERE

Mayor of Evercent Spring - our themed strategy game!

Mayor of Evercent Springs - the game built on Geometry Strategy but with a beautiful theme, and more choices! Same challenging strategic and tactic moves, but here you can also visit the pub, bribe your way forward, and you have to keep a Silver Key safe ... Learn more HERE

New distributor!

We're happy to present our new BRIGHT distributor, first one in Slovakia! Visit KVANT spol. s.r.o. HERE

New educational game: M as in Monkey

Alphabet game! And already a Mom's Choice Gold Award winner - take a look at our newest addition to Sigma's World, Play&Learn game HERE

Now you find our educational games here!

Yes; they are here; our games for your classroom; math games and strategy games... Take a look at our Play&Learn games for the youngest students HERE and for the Middle and Hight school students HERE

New educational game: 4 bananas

Basic math is fun! This domino game is for the young players learning values; for example that 3 palm trees are just as many as 3 crocodiles; or the number 3!  A Mom's Choice Gold Award winner - and a Sigma's World, Play&Learn game; learn more  HERE

BRIGHT Science Quiz®  Biology edition

wins a Mom's Choice Gold Award!

Such great news we have for you: our Quiz is a winner!

And the award is golden! Find it HERE

BRIGHT products on

Great news: BRIGHT Science Quiz Biology edition and 

Math-a-Round ∑®  is available on! Order them now! Go to HERE

Math-a-Round ∑® wins Tillywig Toy Award

Our fun and challengiing math game wins a Tillywig Toy Award BRAIN CHILD! "Exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning"

Find the BRAIN CHILD announcement HERE

BRIGHT Science Quiz: Biology edition®is here

600 questions where the students have to THINK the answer, not just choose it. Developed for High School Biology.  Divides into 10 categories. All is set for you to improve your Biology classroom with the BRIGHT Science Quiz: Biology edition. Order it now! Check with your distributor HERE or contact us HERE

BRIGHT of Sweden release strategy game

Geometry Strategy® is a strategy game where the players' strategic minds are really put to the test. Check out this Mensa MindGames nominee for your STEM class; check out the game HERE