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BRIGHT of Sweden AB        

Katrineholmsv. 66                         Tel: +46 738 106893

SE-616 33 Åby, Sweden               VAT: SE556690762101                               


BRIGHT of Sweden supplies educational products for science and math, all developed within the company. The hands-on products are appreciated in schools all over the world.

Since 2017 we expanded our; more educational games for the classrooms!

BRIGHT of Sweden was founded in 2005. Pernilla Molander and Anna Kristensson started the business and are still running it. Since 2011, the company is located in Åby outside of Norrköping. BRIGHT of Sweden's core business is educational products; science and math.

All models provided by BRIGHT of Sweden are developed within the company, by the founders.

Please enjoy the products, they come with warm greetings from Sweden!

BRIGHT of Sweden's products you find in this website are the properties of BRIGHT of Sweden. They are patented and/or design patented and/or trade marked and they are all copyrighted.

Pernilla Molander

CEO & Founder

Anna Kristensson

Marketing Director  & Founder

Pernilla is the CEO.

Contact her about  company issues, economy, media and if you're interested in our products and are located in Sweden.


Cell:                  +46 738 144131

Anna is the Marketing Director. If you're an international distributor or customer, or have thoughts or questions about the products, Anna is the one to contact.


Cell:                  +46 738 106893