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Here you find our products designed for your the younger students' classroom. 

Pi and the planets                       Art. No. 114-1, 114-2

Pi and the planets game

  • 1 game board
  • 4 Milky Way boards
  • 32 Planet tiles (4 each of the 8 planets)
  • 4 space ship pawns with stands
  • 9 Comet cards with questions
  • 1 die
  • Instructions  (English or Swedish)

When Sigma and his friend Pi are planet gazing, they see something has happened in our solar system; the planets are not in their regular positions! It’s the Space Croc having his fun again, making a mess in the Milky Way.Sigma and Pi start up their space

ships and take off to bring order to the

Milky Way, getting the planets back in

their ordinary orbits.Can you help them? 

Just beware of the Space Croc!

Learn about our solar system and the planets,

at the same time as taking turns and practice

concentration is implemented in the fun!

Sigma, Pi and the planets          Art. No. 201-1, ISBN 978-91-985582-1-0

Sigma, Pi and the planets

  • book with 32 pages of space adventure
  • from 4 years and up
  • Read and learn; fun and facts in a marvellous mix
  • learn about our planets and solar system
  • large pictures 
  • In English or Swedish

Sigma, Pi and the planets is a marvellous space adventure. You get to join Sigma and Pi on their mission to save our galaxy; Crosmos the space croc has made a mess in our solar system and all the planets are scattered around. The two friends take on the very important task to get the planets back in their own orbits. On their 

adventure, they visit each planet and you get

to learn from each page.

It's a fun and exciting book where facts are

implemented in the adventure.

Space creatures, wormholes, the curly heat

of Venus, a space restaurant and a very,very

gassy Saturn are just a few treats for our heroes.

Race to 10                                    Art. No. 109-1

Race to 10

    • 2 game boards
    • 45 number tokens in a token bag
    • 30 + and 30 - tokens
    • 10 score tokens
    • Instructions
    • Languages: English, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish

    Race to 10 is a fun game with math. Kids see it as a game with numbers; sometimes not even noticing they are practicing basic math skills.

    The excitement of not knowing what number

    you're going to drawfrom the token bag and

    then add or subtract it to ones you already

    have on your gameboard makes Race to 10

    a greatly appreciated game in the math


    The students practice their math skills;

    addition and subtraction; mental calculation

    and memory training playing this game.

    4 bananas                                    Art. No. 111-1

                  4 bananas

      • Fun math game for 2 to 6 players
      • 35 domino cards
      • 1 start piece
      • Instructions
      • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish

    4 bananas is the math game for our younger friends; from 4 years and up.

    Playing math games is a great way to introduce math!

    The players get to match the values on the domino cards; 2 palm trees can be added to a card showing 2 crocodiles;

    or the number 2.

    You also find Star cards, STOP cards, and the

    desirable Sigma cards; all to make it a fun

    and educational game!

    Quick start up, easy to learn.

    Practice basic math values, concentration

    and memory

    M as in Monkey                         Art. No. 112-1

                  M as in Monkey

    • Fun alphabet game for 2 to 6 players
    • 26 double cards
    • 26 square tiles
    • Instructions
    • in English

    M as in Monkey is a game for our younger friends; from 4 years and up.

    Playing with letters and pictures is a great way to learn!

    Sigma has lots of pictures of animals, fruits

    and other things, and he wants you to help

    him find the first letter in the words; or the

    picture of an object that starts with a

    certain letter!

    It's a fast paced "bingo- meets- memory"

    game; find the missing letter or picture and

    fill your double cards. First to fill all his or her

    double cards is the winner!

    Math-a-Round Σ®                     Art. No. 105-1

                   Math-a-Round Σ® 

      • Sturdy math game for 2 players or 2 teams:
      • 2 game boards, 45 number pieces (5 each
        of numbers 1-9),
      • 30 plus and 30 minus pieces, 10 score pieces
      • Tips on small adjustments to vary the game
      • Instruction sheet
      • In English or Swedish

    The fun pedagogic math game! Math-a-Round Σ® is a fun, challenging math game for students from 6 years and up.  Addition and subtraction practice, improving the math skills while having fun!

    The students practice their math skills;

    addition and subtraction as they play.

    Mental calculation and memory training

    are naturally implemented in this game for

    the students.

    Sturdy design for classroom use.

    Sigma's PlanetPack                     Art. No. 114-3, 114-4

                   Sigma's PlanetPack

    • One Sigma, Pi and the planets book
    • One Pi and the planets game
    • In English or Swedish

    The bundle that lets you enjoy both the book and the game.

    We call it Sigma's PlanetPack. Read all about Sigma and Pi's adventures

    in space, on their mission to save our galaxy when the space croc Crosmos has made a mess in

    our solar system!

    Play the game where you help Sigma

    and Pi on their task! Roll the dice and

    move your space ship to visit the

    planets, take a ride in a wormhole, say

    hello to space creatures and stay out

    of Crosmos' way!

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