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The BRIGHT Science Kit is one of our top sellers.

It's the complete set for teaching atomic structure, isotopes and ions.

BRIGHT Teacher Atom is a tool for the teacher. The BRIGHT Atom is a tool for the student. Together, they are a kit for the science classroom. Also available with inverted colors.

Use the BRIGHT Science Kit in chemistry, physics and biology classes.

“The combination of the demonstration model and the student models in the BRIGHT Science Kit is great. The students learn from my teaching and they fully understand when they get to create their own atoms”


                                                                                              Swedish science teacher


BRIGHT Science Kit       Art. No. 102-1, 102-2

The BRIGHT Science Kit

  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Atom
  • 8 pcs BRIGHT Atom
  • Lesson plan/working sheets
  • Instruction sheet

BRIGHT Teacher Kit       Art. No. 104-1

The BRIGHT Teacher Kit

  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Atom
  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Molecule
  • Instruction sheet

The BRIGHT Teacher Kit is the science teacher's choice.

All you need to present the abstract concepts of atomic structure,

present molecules and chemical bonding to the class, all in one kit.

The BRIGHT Teacher Atom assists you in presenting the atomic structure, isotopes and ions, and the BRIGHT Teacher Molecule is the perfect tool to present a wide variety of molecules and chemical bondings, and chemical reactions in chemistry, physics and biology classes. Ideal for whole-class teaching.

“Oh, just the best combination. First I can show the atomic structure to the class using the Teacher Atom, and then move on to the molecular structure; and the students follow. The endless variations you can make of the BRIGHT Teacher Molecule makes it my everyday companion in the science classroom… “

                                                                                                                                               Swedish science teacher


BRIGHT Classroom Kit       Art. No. 104-4

With the two teacher demonstration models along with the hands-on student models, the BRIGHT Classroom Kit is the complete set for the school’s science classrooms. All the way from atomic structure to chemical reactions, easy and clear.

For chemistry, physics and biology classes.

“All these models in one box, fantastic.The demonstration models really makes my job easier and I see the kids get it, much faster than before. And the student manipulatives, that’s where they practice what they’ve learned”

                                                                                       Science teacher from Sweden

The BRIGHT Classroom Kit

  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Atom
  • 1 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Molecule
  • 12 pcs BRIGHT Atom
  • Instruction sheet

BRIGHT Special Kit       Art. No. 104-3

The BRIGHT Special Kit

  • 2 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Atom
  • 2 pcs BRIGHT Teacher Molecule
  • 20 pcs BRIGHT Atom
  • Instruction sheet

For larger classes or more classrooms – here's BRIGHT Special Kit.

More of everything enables more classrooms to use the models at the same time. Perfect for the larger classes as this kit comes with double sets of the demonstration models and 20 of the student models.

With the BRIGHT Special Kit, you can also contact us for a custom made combination of our products to fir your school.

Use the products in chemistry, physics and in biology classes; even at the same time

“Excellent set; my classroom demonstrations are so much easier to plan as well as to execute. The students can visually follow what I’m teaching and they find it easier to grasp the essentials of science in general. Then they move on to activities with their hands-on models and get to pick with the parts and make their own atoms; I’m impressed how much they learn.

Being a teacher, I also discovered the students grasp the details of reactions in experiments since we introduced the BRIGHT models in class.”

                                                                                           Science teacher from Chile

BRIGHT STEM Kit       Art. No. 104-5

BRIGHT STEM Kit is the kit for schools looking to improve the science and math classrooms. This STEM kit holds atom models,

molecule model and math games; lots of products for your school.

Atomic structure, molecules, chemical reactions and math, all in one kit. Use the products in chemistry, physics, biology and math classes.

“Great value kit, so easy to get products for science and math in one kit.

STEM teachers’ best friends: products that the teachers as well as the students enjoy working with”

                                                                                 Swedish science and math teacher


  • 1 BRIGHT Teacher Atom
  • 1 BRIGHT Teacher Molecule
  • 10 BRIGHT Atoms
  • 10 Math-a-Round Σ
  • Instruction sheet
  • Working sheets

Math-a-Round Σ® 10-pack       Art. No. 105-2

For the math classroom: Math-a-Round Σ® 10-pack. Each game is

for two players or two teams so with ten inspiring math games the entire class can play and learn.

“My students really like this math game. And I’m more than happy to have them play as I know they learn; I see they are improving their math skills”

                                                                                       American math teacher

The Math-a-Round Σ® 10-pack

  • 10 math games for 2 players or 2 teams:
  • Game boards, number pieces, plus and

minus pieces, score pieces

  • Instruction sheet
  • Tips on small adjustments to vary the game

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STEM education for everyone, everywhere.

Hands-on learning for all. For real.

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