Molecule models

The BRIGHT Teacher Molecule is the demonstration tool that lets the teacher present

molecules and chemical bonding to the class in an easy and concrete way.

The model can be used with or without bindings and can show a wide variety of molecules.

All BRIGHT Teacher Molecule parts are magnetic and can be used directly on the classroom whiteboard or blackboard.

Use the models in chemistry, physics and

in biology classes.

Brief video on how to use BRIGHT Teacher Molecule

In one item you get:

  • 20 each of black, red and white atoms

(representing e.g. Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen)

  • 10 each of the blue, green and yellow circles

(representing e.g. Nitrogen, Chloride and Sulphur)

  • 50 bindings
  • Instruction sheet
  • Smart storing in the box

The BRIGHT Teacher Molecule...

  • Makes science teaching easier
  • Show a wide variety of molecules, chemical bondings and chemical reactions – easy and clear
  • Can be used with or without bindings
  • Use directly on classroom whiteboard
  • Teachers and students can work with the model
  • Abstract concepts becomes concrete

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“Easy to use, the model really makes teaching easier. I can make different forms of hydrocarbon molecules; really any molecules I talk about in class and the students get a visual as I speak, which is great. I can choose if I want to show the bindings too. And I can actually present any chemical reactions in no time.”

                                                                                                                                                                                  Swedish science teacher

“The BRIGHT Teacher Molecule™ is ideal for effective and easy teaching, and learning. I can easily present any molecules, formulas, chemical bondings or chemical reactions to the class, directly on the whiteboard.”

                                                                   Norwegian science teacher

“As all parts are separate, the model is flexible so I can use it basically every

class. It sort of works with me… And I know my students appreciate it as it

makes it easy to follow every step”

                                                                             Australian science teacher


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BRIGHT Teacher Molecule



The flexible demonstration molecule model

The BRIGHT Teacher Molecule presents molecular structures, chemical structures, chemical bondings and chemical reactions in an easy way to the class.