M as in Monkey

M as in Monkey is a game for our younger friends; from 4 years and up.

Playing with letters and pictures is a great way to learn!

Winner of a Mom's Choice Gold Award 2018!

Sigma has lots of pictures of animals, fruits and other things, and he wants

you to help him find the first letter in

the words; or the picture of an object

that starts with a certain letter!

It's a fast paced "bingo- meets- memory" game; find the missing letter or picture and fill your double cards. First to fill all his or her double cards is the winner!

Your double cards shows an "R".

You're looking for something that starts with an R... Rainbow! Or, if the double card shows a picture of a Queen; your looking for a Q.

Place the Rainbow or the Q on your double card and start looking for the next letter or picture missing!

M as in Monkey is a                           game!

In one item you get:

  • Fun alphabet game for 2 to 6 players
  • 26 double cards
  • 26 square tiles
  • Instructions in English

M as in Monkey ...

  • From the age 4 and up
  • Letters and words, concentration and memory
  • Young students enjoy the educational game
  • Quick start up, easy to learn
  • Makes letters and words fun; play and learn!

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This game was launched in February, 2018!

STEM education for everyone, everywhere.

Hands-on learning for all. For real.

M as in Monkey



New Play & Learn game with letters and pictures

Sigma the monkey really likes the alphabet and he is

trying to learn the letters. Can you help him?