BRIGHT Science Quiz® Biology edition is the fun and competitive way to increase comprehension of today’s high school science standards.

It’s the smart, easy and appreciated way to review what the students learn in the classroom.

The 600 Biology questions are written by a science teacher with 30 years experience of classroom teaching.

It’s easy to use, minimal setup and it’s

designed for high schools.

The BRIGHT Science Quiz Biology edition...

  • 600 biology questions in three different levels, developed for high school Biology
  • 10 color coded categories make it easy to select specific topics for review
  • The format of the questions: I, II, and III where III is the hardest, allow for more diversity in performance assessment
  • CD-ROM makes the questions available at a computer or interactive whiteboard; get immediate feedback on the students’ knowledge with a percent rate of correctly answered questions

In one item you get:

  • 1 game board with spinning arrow
  • 200 question review cards; 600 questions
  • 1 divider for the cards
  • 10 pawns
  • 1 CD for classroom interactive whiteboards
  • Instruction folder

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”This board game quiz is just what I need in my classroom! I have looked for years for a fun classroom game that would reinforce major objectives across many levels, but until now found them to be either too complicated to play or too elementary for middle/high school students. BRIGHT Science Quiz™ Biology edition is so easy to use it allows for rapid reviews and results in higher test scores. The students love to compete which means they pay more attention in class and look forward to ”game day!”

                                                                                                                                                                              Dawn Meeks, American Biology teacher

“What is so great is that the students don’t CHOOSE the correct answer, they must THINK of the correct answer as it’s not a multiple choice quiz. This answer format provides the opportunity to increase the depth of comprehension “

                                                            Hannah, American science teacher

“Great tool to review what the students have learned and what they need

more of. The fact that they enjoy the game character makes them eager to

learn more!“

                                                                                   Swedish science teacher


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Hands-on learning for all. For real.

BRIGHT Science Quiz

Biology edition


Test your knowledge and learn more with this Biology Quiz

Know about science? Try BRIGHT Science Quiz Biology edition.

Ask, answer, play and learn; 600 questions will put you to the test

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