The BRIGHT Atom makes science easier and more comprehensible.


The unique model, based on Bohr’s atomic model, let the students make their own atoms, isotopes and ions by using their hands. The hands-on experience gives the students a natural comprehension of our smallest building blocks.


The BRIGHT Atom is all tactile;

use more senses in the learning process.

Use the models in chemistry, physics and

in biology classes.

Here's a brief video on how to use the BRIGHT Atom

The BRIGHT Atom...


  • Makes science education easier
  • Lets the students use more senses during learning
  • Abstract concepts becomes concrete
  • Clean, smooth 3D-design
  • Smart storage
  • For everyone

In one item you get:


  • Box with lid; 4 electron orbitals on the lid and 4 at the underside of the box
  • 30 protons, 30 neutrons, 30 electrons
  • Instruction sheet
  • Smart storing of subatomic particles inside the box
  • The models can easily be stacked for storing

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“Students at Warren Central High School have been using the BRIGHT Atom for the past four years. The use of this wonderful hands-on manipulative has revolutionized the way we teach atomic structure across our science curriculum. It has made the explanation of a complex and abstract topic so much easier

and faster... which means the class can move on to other objectives with greater understanding.”

Dawn Meeks Science teacher, Warren Central High

“The BRIGHT Atom is a concrete manipulative that turns the abstract concept of atomic structure into something easy for my students. Even advanced students admit to me that they never really understood it until now.”

Jessica King Science teacher at Warren High School


“This model made a difference for me. I understood the basics and that helped

me in every science class; in theory and in experiments. As I understood the essentials I started to be more interested in science and I plan to study

science at a university in the future”

Secondary school student; about the BRIGHT Atom


STEM education for everyone, everywhere.

Hands-on learning for all. For real.





The hands-on atom model for students


The award-winning BRIGHT Atom gives every student

the opportunity to learn in an intuitive and self-evident way.

Use your hands to make atoms, isotopes or ions and grasp

the concepts in an easy and fun way.