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BRIGHT Atom™                               Art. No. 101-1


Student model

The award-winning BRIGHT Atom makes science easier and more comprehensible.

The unique model, based on Bohr’s atomic model, let every student make their own atoms, isotopes and ions by using their hands. The hands-on experience gives the students a natural comprehension of our smallest building blocks; learning the intuitive and self-evident way.

The BRIGHT Atom is all tactile; use more senses in the learning process. Use the models in chemistry, physics and in biology classes.

The BRIGHT Atom...

  • Makes science education easier
  • Lets the students use more senses during learning
  • Abstract concepts becomes concrete
  • Clean, smooth 3D-design
  • Smart storage
  • For everyone

In one item you get:

  • Box with lid; 4 electron orbitals on the lid and 4 at the underside of the box
  • 30 protons, 30 neutrons, 30 electrons
  • Instruction sheet
  • Smart storing of subatomic particles inside the box
  • The models can easily be stacked for storing

BRIGHT Teacher Atom™              Art. No. 103-1

BRIGHT Teacher Atom™

Teacher demonstration model

BRIGHT Teacher Atom is the perfect demonstration tool for your science classroom whiteboard or blackboard. The unique, magnetic model lets the teacher present the abstract concepts of atomic structure, isotopes and ions to the class, in an easy and concrete way.

The BRIGHT Teacher Atom...

  •  Makes science teaching easier
  • Teacher demonstration model
  • Abstract concepts becomes concrete
  • Use directly on classroom whiteboard
  • Keep in shape on the storing board
  • The students get a good visual of the concepts

to complement the verbal teaching

  • Also available in inverted colors, for classrooms

with blackboards

In one item you get:

  • 2 atomic nuclei
  • 8 electron shells; 4 to each nucleus
  • 20 protons, 20 neutrons, 20 electrons
  • Storing board
  • Instruction sheet

All parts of this product, except for the storing board, are magnetic.

And all parts are separated from each other; use only the parts needed

for each situation.

Use the BRIGHT Teacher Atom in chemistry, physics and biology classes.

STEM education for everyone, everywhere.

Hands-on learning for all. For real.

Hands-on atom model for students, or demonstration

models for classroom teaching?


Here are our BRIGHT Atom models!

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