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BRIGHT of Sweden supplies educational products for science and math, all developed within the company. The hands-on products are appreciated in schools all over the world.


BRIGHT of Sweden was founded in 2005. Pernilla Molander and Anna Kristensson started the business and are still running it. Since 2011, the company is located in Åby outside of Norrköping. BRIGHT of Sweden's core business is educational products; science and math.

All models provided by BRIGHT of Sweden are developed within the company, by the founders.


BRIGHT of Sweden's products you find in this website are the properties of BRIGHT of Sweden.

They are patented and/or design patented and/or trade marked and they are all copyrighted.

Please enjoy the products, they come with warm greetings from Sweden!

Pernilla Molander


CEO & Founder

Anna Kristensson


Marketing Director & Founder

Pernilla is the CEO.

Contact her about company issues, economy, media and if you're interested in our products and are located in Sweden.


E-mail: pernilla@brightsite.se

Office: +46 11 69613

Cell: +46 738 144131

Anna is the Marketing Director. If you're an international distributor or customer, or have thoughts or questions about the products, Anna is the one to contact.


E-mail: anna@brightsite.se

Office: +46 11 69613

Cell: +46 738 106893

Women Inventors of the Year

Sweden, 2007

ITEX Innovation Award

Malaysia, 2009

MINDS Innovation Award

Malaysia, 2009

President's Award, ITEX

Malaysia, 2009

EUWIIN Special Recognition Award

Iceland, 2011

The founders have always had so many ideas of new products and some of them are just not educational. They are just plain fun. You can find the tactic board game Geometry Strategy visiting www.gamesofsweden.se; some of these ideas were just too good to have only the founders' families to play!

STEM education for everyone, everywhere.

Hands-on learning for all. For real.

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BRIGHT of Sweden is the Swedish company

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